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Grant Funding Source International (theGFSI) is an international service providing up to date quality information related to development of social and economic projects, plans and ambitions.


Supporting local trade, importing and exporting opportunities.


Services include providing access to information detailing quality links to:


  • Grant Funding programmes, schemes and competitions from Public Sector sources including the European Union, Government organisations including Local Authorities and agencies as well as Private Grant Making Trusts & Foundations and funding competitions.

  • Finance, Loan and investment options detailing relevant service providers

  • Regional Government offices and programmes in place to support economic and social development including Government Business Support Organisations

  • Business Consultants experienced in providing business support and completing funding applications

  • Specialists in their field

  • Renewable Energy Specialists and organisations trading within this industry

  • Local Tax information identifying Tax Credits and schemes to support the development of skills associated with tax planning and cash flow management

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    The primary function of this site is to provide relevant information regarding Grant funding opportunities. Grant Funding can include funding for capital, revenue and individual costs as well as Research and Development relevant to support you in your development at various stages of your plan or project. Finance on repayable arrangements are listed separately.

    Our Members benefit from reducing costs searching the thousands of funding and support service websites to identify relevant information to you, utilisng just one, theGFSI.

    Service Providers can advertise their business, services and grant funding for free reaching suitable target audiences set by you.