News Asia

2019/01/03 Young delivers $300K in grants to Allegany County Dept. of Health

2018/12/17 How Taiwan Will Vie With China And Asia To Develop Startups

2018/12/14 Singapore: Asia’s Silicon Valley

2018/12/09 For a Top Foundation’s Evolving Climate Program, a Growing Focus on China and India 

2018/12/06 Singapore to offer grants for Southeast Asian co-production

2018/12/05 Made-with-Singapore’ content gets boost from regional co-production grant and other schemes

2018/12/03 Gilead Sciences declares recipients of Asia Rainbow Grants Program

2018/11/29 ADB to fund technical assistance for three PHL transport projects


2018/11/21 Google’s News Initiative heads to APAC with grants of up to $300K for media orgs

2018/11/19 2018 UK Donor-Advised Fund Report: Grants to Charities Exceed £320 Million

2018/11/10 SU’s South Asia Center awarded $1.4 million grant

2018/11/09 $1 million gift will create two Taiwan studies endowments at UCLA Asia Pacific Center

2018/11/01 New Zealand Gov’t-Backed Institute Issues Grant to Crypto Wallet and Trading Service – Cointelegraph

2018/10/30 Singapore rolls out initiatives to help companies reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency

2018/10/25 Virginia Tech gets federal grant for business education on East Asia

2018/10/24 C.H. Robinson Announces Charitable Donations of over $1 Million

2018/10/22 ADB secures USD 108 million funding for climate change projects in Asia and Pacific

2018/10/16 Health tech funding injection to propel Australian innovations to market and into Asia

2018/10/13 ADB Grants $1b Loan to Assist Gov’t in Central Sulawesi Disaster Recovery Efforts

2018/10/11 Jury named for Academy Film Fund to support script development in Asia Pacific

2018/10/08 Investing in impact hardware, financing small-biz in Southeast Asia and Africa, GE’s green turnaround

2018/09/25 A University of Utah-Brigham Young University partnership has been awarded a $6.8 million grant

2018/09/17 New funds to boost malaria endgame

2018/09/05 South and Southeast Asia Programs named National Resource Centers

2018/08/20 Taiwan’s PSPF grants US$1 billion funding for two global mandates

2018/08/17 Charting Asia’s Research Ascendancy

2018/07/27 Bielefeld sociologist awarded EU science prize

2018/07/24 Celanese Announces $100,000 Century Grant to Support Southern Dallas

2018/07/02 $2m grant funds new program to fight antimicrobial resistance

2018/06/20 Future Food Asia Announces the Winners of the Second Edition of the US$100,000 Future Food Asia Award and the S$50,000 Startup SG Grants

2018/06/07  JLL to grant $133.3m to global proptech startups

2018/06/05 Southeast Asia’s Grab launches new venture to back growth-stage tech startups

2018/06/01 Freeman Asia Program Sends Largest Group of Interns Abroad

2018/05/29 OneCrop gets seed funding from Future Food Asia competition

2018/05/22 HelloBeauty raises seed funding, Ruangguru gets grant

2018/05/09 Manchester Museum gets £4.2m grant for expansion plan

2018/05/08 A Pharma Foundation Keeps the Money Flowing to Its Global Health Grantees

2018/05/07 How i git that grant: Winning a Pulitzer Center Travel Grant

2018/05/01 Thailand’s Purin Pictures awards grants to five projects

2018/04/26 New initiative to fast-track Fintech patent application-to-grant process in Singapore

2018/04/23 Indee Labs receives funding to develop revolutionary gene therapy manufacturing technology in Australia



2018/01/18 Secrets of sudden death of 200,000 antelopes in Central Asia

201/12/21 OFID, IAEA sign grant agreement to promote food security and sustainable agriculture in Asia

2017/12/20 NIH announces to fund ‘gain of conduct’ research on pathogens



2017/11/07 Asia Internship Program Earns $400,000 Grant