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2019/05/04 Emergency Disaster Fund grants totalling $70,000 support Africa cyclone relief








2019/05/06  Dr. Cameron Gokee awarded NSF grant to conduct archaeological research in Bandafassi — a West African ‘shatter zone’





2019/05/03 Foreign Secretary welcomes more than £64 million of British funding for Kenyan industry








2019/01/07 No short cuts for grant recipients applying for NSFAS money

2019/01/04 CENTRAL AFRICA: EU Grants €20 Million for Biodiversity Protection

2018/12/26 Tunisian startup obtains UNICEF funding for blockchain project

2018/12/20 Abu Dhabi fund allocates $50m grant to Chad gov’t

2018/12/19 ‘Cultural beacon and natural home for the growing bme community’ – Africa Centre awarded £1.6 million in funding from Sadiq Khan

2018/12/18 South Africa: Mashaba Lambasts MEC Uhuru Moiloa Over Reduction in Housing Grant

2018/12/15 The European Union to grant Morocco 148 million euros

2018/12/14 Mobile for Development Innovation Funds

2018/12/13 These Nigerian researchers have been awarded research grants for climate change science by aims

2018/12/13 Empowering ordinary community-based organisations through grants

2018/12/07 Accuracies of univariate and multivariate genomic prediction models in African cassava

2018/12/06 Competitively Pitching for Business Funding

2018/12/06 The European Union’s partnership with the G5 Sahel countries

2018/12/04 Google funds three dozen social enterprises in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

2018/12/04 The Russell Family Foundation Awards $2.3 Million in Grants

2018/12/03 Startups named winners of Google Impact Challenge Africa

2018/12/02 Two TEF alumni win $500,000 at Google challenge

2018/12/01 ATURES Vetsark Is Google Impact Challenge Africa Winner

2018/12/01 US$60m opportunity opens for Ghana seed companies

2018/11/29 12 Kenyan non-profits win Sh200 million Google grants

2018/11/27 25 Joburg-based startups secure $90k grant funding

2018/11/27 Toyota Wessels Institute heralds new dawn for SA manufacturing

2018/11/24 World Bank, South Korea announce 3.8-mln USD grant to boost science in Africa

2018/11/19 Grant to fight against Newcastle Disease in Africa

2018/11/15 $3mn Qatari grant for WHO to eradicate tropical diseases in Africa

2018/11/13 Zimbabwe gets $3.6 million from Japan to fight cybercrime

2018/11/07 Call for applications: National Arts Fund Mauritius

2018/11/06 ACT Foundation Improves Funding Opportunities for Nonprofits in Africa

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2018/11/05 AFRICA: GCF funds $110 million climate change adaptation programme

2018/10/30 African startups secure grant money from Mastercard fund

2018/10/29 DBSA to set up Climate Finance Facility

2018/10/25 Call for applications: ANT Mobility Fund

2018/10/25 U.S. Ambassador funds eight social and economic small grants across Malawi

2018/10/25 Green Climate Fund boosts 3 new projects in Africa


2018/10/24 $110m approved to advance climate change projects

2018/10/22 AlphaCode awards funding to eight South African fin startups

2018/10/22 How Nigeria’s ColdHubs is solar-refrigerating farms to profitability


2018/10/16 ADF Grants $15 Million to Support a Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Malawi

2018/07/06 DFID Africa Regional Profile: July 2018

2018/02/25 Obsidian literary journal receives $10,000 grant from National Endowment for the Arts

2018/02/06 750 youth set to get World Bank startup funding