Grant Funders

theGFSI is an Intelligent International Directory Service is a business directory aimed at being used by businesses


Helping both the public and private sector grant funders reach and engage their target audience


Working Together

theGFSI recognises the benefits of partnership working. With this in mind we offer the facility to Grant Funding Management organisations and programmes to promote and inform potential beneficiaries of grant funding activities, events and support available.

This service is available to all sectors offering grant funding. We identify Grant Funding to be an offer of financial support and or services where no repayment of those is expected unless objectives of offer are not met.


Offers associated with repayable finance are to be detailed within the Service Providers listings.


We welcome inquiries and registration from those wanting to reach specific target audiences creating awareness of Grant Funding. This offer is available to Grant Funders free of charge.

Add your organisation using”add Listing”, top right, then add your grant funding programme.


Our processing systems support you targeting audiences meeting your eligibility criteria.


You can also promote events within your profile options.



The founder of this service has worked with in the public, private and third sector supporting businesses and organisations assisting in their set up, growth and diversification. Sourcing invaluable grant funding options to develop plans and implement ideas is time consuming and often an activity not followed up on due to the time it takes to identify information sources, relevant funding and then the application process. The ambition of theGFSI is to provide a central point to identify and access relevant information associated with Grant Funding. There are numerous sources of information available being promoted across a large number of websites and access points.


The ambition of this service is to encourage engagement from eligible applicants identifying funding available to them.


If you would like more information before registering your grant funding please contact us at